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If you want your wedding to be a fun party, look no further!

Doppelganger band is the best!

My guests still talk about how fun they were, 8 months later!

The dance floor was always packed.

They played all of the wedding favorites and kept people of all ages engaged (my

grandparents were even tearing up the dance floor)! You cannot go wrong with choosing this band. I would have them again in a heartbeat!   

    Kelsey D.

    via The Knot

We are residents of The Woodlands and have been regular attendees of the Market Street Concerts since they began years ago. Doppelganger is the ABSOLUTE BEST band that has performed over the years. We recall them performing at the concert series previously (can only remember them one other time). They don’t seem to be on the list of “regulars” that you keep bringing back. We would love to see this group return again and again. The crowd loved them!! It truly was the best concert we’ve seen at Market Street in a long, long, time.

Susan Wrong
The Woodlands, TX

Great job. Kudos to all of you. You were extremely outstanding and we are still hearing about it today. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect group of entertainers. I will be calling you again. You can bank on it.

Lisa Snell
Advisory Marketing Manager, Pricewaterhouse Cooper

WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!  You played at my daughter’s wedding reception last Sat. at the JW Marriott Downtown, and you were AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Seriously, way beyond my expectations! As you could tell from the dance floor people LOVED you. All night long our guests kept saying…WHERE did you find this band? They are FABULOUS…Who is this band??? They are UNBELIEVABLE…and on and on…all night long the comments kept coming! Our guests are still commenting on how great you were! My daughter couldn’t remember if she had ever been to a wedding where the dance floor was packed at midnight. I totally agree! Thank you for making the night PERFECT! You guys are so talented and FUN and EVERYONE had a blast!

Ellen Gates and Lauren Gates Lane

Thank you so much for all that you did to prepare for A and C’s fantastic wedding at Lakeside Country Club on June 13th 2015. I appreciate your advanced thorough review of al the details as well as your commitment to provide the couple with what they wanted in their reception entertainment. A and C shared that they have never had a more fun night. I’m sorry I did not get to express my appreciation at the end of the evening though. Thanks again for your hard work and I hope to work with you again soon.

Event Identity

I can’t say enough about Doppelganger.. They are so professional, very attentive to detail and they always communicate so well. I wish I could use them for everything we do.. Dave is so on top of everything and is very reassuring. His music director is fantastic and makes changes up to the last minute to make the members happy – so flexible, its unbelievable. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. They are such a danceable band. I will recommend them as often as possible.

Kimberly Warren
Houston Country Club

Sanus/New York Life thanks Doppelganger for their wonderful performance at our Holiday Party. The party was a great success and everyone in attendance had only good things to say about the band.

Jean Gersztyn
Personnel Coordinator, Sanus/New York

Thanks again for making our annual company dance a success! Doppelganger was fantastic.

Joan Stealey
IR/Employee Relations, Aramco Services Company

Dave, Your group was so incredible the night of the Halliburton Party at the Houston Club. I continue to hear rave reviews. Truly, you were outstanding. Plus your group was fun, fun, fun! Should I ever plan another venue, Doppelganger will be the first group I call. Happy New Year Dave. You all are a superior group!

Jeanne Clark
Executive Assistant, Art Huffman and Thomas Roth

Reviews: Testimonial

I’ve gotta go overboard again on Doppelganger’s performance for the 30th Annual RE/MAX of Texas Statewide Convention. At the very second our CEO offered a champagne toast, and said “Now Let’s Party” you guys launched into a floor-packing medley of instantly-recognizable favorites that motivated our group to dance like maniacs! Your sound was flawless every second…perfect volume, perfect balance, exactly the right call of songs…one flowing into another with subtle tempo changes like a master DJ, except there were nine consummate professional entertainers/musicians moving around on stage, dancing with the light show, and truly selling energy and enthusiasm to the audience. Please extend my words, reflecting the gratitude of everyone here, to your band and crew. There’s a reason you’ve been at the very top of Houston’s society dance scene for over 30 years; you guys are the very best at your craft. Thanks for making this our convention Awards Gala Finale the greatest ever in 30 years!

Mike Sumerlin
Marketing/Communication manager, RE/MAX of Texas

Your group was on fire! Thank you for being so in top of the energy and spirit of the wedding. The dance floor was packed all night! We appreciate your attention to the itinerary and special requests for transitions from room to room. What a talented group! We are looking forward to the next time.

Katy Preisler & Beth Rice
Keely Thorne Events

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